About Us

We created Mission Source Outdoor Gear store, initially known as simply “Mission Source”, in a response to the growing number of groups and individuals preparing for domestic and international mission trips. Our commitment to these people remains steadfast as we are firm believers in the causes they support and the many individuals and families that benefit from their actions. We discovered that in addition to the demand for our products for mission trips, we also tapped a large market of people who simply enjoy outdoor activity. As our offering of high-quality premium products expanded, we continued to serve an ever-growing consumer base with a keen interest in outdoor sports and activities. We proudly opened the doors to our retail store in conjunction with an online store in 2010 and we have recently re-launched our website in November 2012.Today, the Mission Source Team remains dedicated to providing products and quality service to folks who enjoy the beautiful outdoors, whether that be helping others during a mission or simply exercising with family and friends. We look forward to seeing you!